Kirsten Janssens again single?

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There would be a soap can be made about the life of former Big Brother winner, Kirsten Janssens. A half year after her marriage with Koen Ambroos, there doesn’t seem much about to stay out of the marriage vows during the ceremony on Friday 6 July 2018 were pronounced. The Tv Family that this week on the cover turns out with the message that the marriage of Kirsten after just a half year to make soap. Two miscarriages has Janssens since her marriage, had and that could well weigh on the marriage. But Tv Family came to know that Kirsten is the annual transition with another man has spent in Egypt. That they intimate photos shared with a business man with the text “Where there is love, there is life! I wish everyone a verry Happy New Year with lots of love… and may in 2019, the love finally prevail”, the eyebrows frown. In Tv Family sigh her husband Koen that he no longer knows whether he’s still a couple of poses with Kirsten.
Afterwards put Kirsten a picture of herself online with the message “Today is a perfect day to start living your dreams… Egypt, last day! Just me, myself and I… Love it! 2019: find joy in the journey …..”
We went looking for the Facebook page of Kirsten but found nothing more of back.

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