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Highlight: C3 Crypto Conference returns to Berlin

f23b1dd2869b385afc8502fcead31392 - Highlight: C3 Crypto Conference returns to Berlin

The C3 Crypto Conference in 2019 return on July 27. and 28. March 2019 back to Berlin. At the conference, leading industry representatives will meet in the areas of Fintech and Governance, as well as expert for Blockchain and crypto-currencies. Last year the C3 was a great success.

C3 Crypto-Conference

The C3 Crypto Conference in 2019 brings together different groups of delegates, including pioneers of the Blockchain technology, Virtual Reality (VR)-Leader in Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial intelligence (AI), MedTech, FinTech, under one roof. The ultimate goal of the conference is to explore how these different technologies can support new and innovative projects, and how the established companies, the role of Leadership in the digital world can assume, by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by these technologies.

The C3 Conference in Berlin

Who is speaking and why should I come?

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