Heavy snowfall and avalanches continue to Austria and Southern Germany to ravage

8fdc9e37c0da7c93a8002bbb957384d8 - Heavy snowfall and avalanches continue to Austria and Southern Germany to ravage

Several towns in the south of Germany are secluded from the outside world by heavy snow. In Austria since Wednesday the highest alert for avalanche risk. Until Wednesday night, in Austria of 60 to 80 inches of additional snow expected.

The roads in the vicinity of Jachenau, Germany, have been blocked, after the only access road to the village is closed. It is expected that the access to Friday blocked will remain. Residents get more for the shop and trucks, therefore, need food to feed them.

Also, the 350 inhabitants of Buchenhöhe, south of Berchtesgaden in Germany, must wait for emergency assistance by truck and will be. Also here is the only access road is blocked by snow and fallen trees. Many schools in the area are closed. The authorities report that the risk of avalanches increases.

In the north of Germany, they again suffer from a lot of rain which wind is harvested. The cities of Lübeck and Wismar are under water and the towns on the coast expect later in the day heavy squalls.

In many valleys in the Austrian Alps is there so in the meantime have a great chance of avalanches. Therefore, movement is impossible. In the Hochkarmassief, in the province of lower austria, the ski resorts Monday closed until further notice. Some 2,000 people, including many tourists are stuck in villages of the valley Sölktal because there is no more space to.

Three skiers, two Germans, and a Slovenian, are killed when they are of the ski slopes, occasionally ventured. Four other cross-country skiers are missing.

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