Former Pixar boss John Lasseter was appointed head of Skydance Animation

268948c06e3e511b7affd9d17ff45ab9 - Former Pixar boss John Lasseter was appointed head of Skydance Animation

John Lasseter, the former artistic director of Disney Animation and Pixar, is the new head of Skydance Animation. Reports that the American trade journal Variety. Lasseter stepped on in June last year at the entertainmentgigant after allegations of sexual intimdatie.

Lasseter, he celebrates within three days of his 62nd birthday, was in talks with several big Studios and technology companies, waarondere Warner Bros. The studio and companies, however, were not tuk to working together with him because Lasseter, one of the founders of the now by Disney Animation acquired Pixar, the studio, the Mouse is driven out in the aftermath of a scandal involving sexual harassment.

According to Variety has Lasseter now signed a deal with Skydance Animation, a studio that only in 2017 has been established. As the director of “Toy Story” and “Cars” is successful at Skydance, he will be one of the first large Hollywoodtenoren and characters that make a comeback in the turbulent #MeToo and Time’s Up times.

In a letter to staff that the recruitment was announced, praised Skydance Media CEO David Ellison Lasseter as an “industry visionary”, but he also gave extensive explanations as to why the company Lasseter a second chance wants to give. According to Ellison, the company had external consultants into service to the accusations against Lasseter to investigate.

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