Eviva España: Annemie Struyf follows a year-long Flemish dreamers in Spain

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Starting Wednesday, brings One the new reportagereeks Eviva España. After her year in France, traveling Annemie Struyf now further south: to Spain, by far our most popular mediterranean destination. Not only as a sunny holiday destination, but also as plans for a new life to build. Here is Annemie further research, deeper into the southern dream, and the Spanish soul. Because Spain is a very different country than la douce France.

A year-long traverses On this immense country, and follows the fortunes of dreamers-countrymen that with the fall and rise of a new existence are trying to build. Far beyond the sun-and-sea-the clichés discovered Annemie today a Spain with many faces and irresistible to the people that their ultimate dream is to try to make.

Especially the last 20 years, there are remarkably many Belgians to Spain, left, and real not only to go on vacation or to spend the winter. A private home under the Spanish sun, that was – and still is – the ultimate dream of many dreamers. So buy currently, an average of eleven Belgians per day a home on Spanish soil. And in the meantime, there are about 35,000 Belgians in Spain are domiciled. Preferably pull all of these “Spain-people” to the coastal areas – the Costa Brava, Costa del sol, Costa Blanca – with a preference for the regions of Alicante, Malaga, Valencia and Catalonia.

The new series of Eviva España is not only about the costa’s, but also about the inhospitable and less well-known inland. And about people who fall down and get up to Spain emigrate, with the intention to earn an income, to integrate, their children to a Spanish school and the rest of their days in their new homeland to wear off.

Annemie: “Spain is more extreme than France: the heat is ondraaglijker, and yes, the rain is sometimes more difficult, for example, in Asturias. The villages are often more desolate and the local population seems to be in some cases less inclined to the newcomers to embrace. There is also more visible poverty. In short, for the people, who, far away from the costa’s – their dream chasing, the conditions are often more extreme than in France.”

A year long wandering Annemie across Spain, from one story to the other. Exciting, amazing, sad or funny, intriguing, and respectful. All those unique dreams brings Annemie together in her new series of Eviva España. A series about dreams and desires, work and rest, fall and get up, and go, despite everything.

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