Eurosceptics sniff each other to block to form

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Salvini works plenty of to a large group of right-wing eurosceptics in the European Parliament. It is the nightmare of the pro-European parties.

It happens not so often that Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the strong man of the Polish conservative party Law and Justice (PiS), a foreign guest receives in his office in Warsaw. Today that honour to the Italian deputy prime minister Matteo Salvini, the leader of the Lega. The two will talk about a bundling of the forces in Europe.

Salvini makes there months no secret of its ambition to be one big eurosceptic group in the next European Parliament. Today the eurosceptic voices on the right there are fragmented between two factions: Europe of Freedom and Direct Democracy (EFDD), where the British Ukip plays the leading role, and the Europe of Nations and Freedom (ENF) with Salvini’s Lega, the Rassemblement National of Marine Le Pen, Vlaams belang and the Austrian FPÖ.

The Polish PiS party is now part of the political group European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR), which is ‘eurorealistisch calls’ and where the British Conservatives, the backbone of shapes. But the Brexit will be a totally new constellation lead. With the departure of Ukip remain the Italian Vijfsterrenbeweging and the German Alternative für Deutschland what orphaned within the EFDD. And the ECR, where the N-VA is part of, without the British Conservatives still have a future? Or choose the PiS to connect with Salvini and the ENF?

“It is today to an informal meeting between party leaders. Everyone is positioning itself in the run-up to the European elections’, says Gerolf Annemans, Mep for the Flemish Interest and ENF-vice-president. ‘Between the European Conservatives and ENF is about as much as possible, eurokritische seats. We test everything out. The Polish PiS party will have to choose whether they only continue or join us, where they, according to me belong.’

It is possible that the Vijfsterrenbeweging joins, says Annemans. ‘Salvini wants the Italian government to be stable. But perhaps only after the elections conclusive. Who an existing group to leave, says better not for the elections.’ So it is not ruled out that the Czech prime minister Andrej Babis, the liberal group in the amen says, and vastklinkt to the eurocritici.

The impact can without previous. According to polls, would the above three political groups after the elections together account for 155 of 705 seats. If they join forces, they would be even the second biggest group after the christian democrats EPP on 178 seats would countries. And imagine what happens when the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban after the elections, still the door of the EPP behind him, close draws.

For the traditional pro-European families, this is a nachtmerriescenario, because the influence of the eurocritici would increase and the decision-making process in the European Parliament would be difficult. They would be together, but at 400 to 410 seats.


That this is the case, it is far from certain. “There will certainly veto’s are from all sides, I think, but the N-VA, so Annemans.
And among themselves there are a lot of issues that rapprochement and cooperation stand in the way. Le Pen and Salvini are good friends with Russian president Vladimir Putin, that the bogeyman is of Kaczynski. Salvini urges other EU countries to the distribution of asylum seekers, but leads to a not of the PiS-government in Poland and also should Le Pen not expect to be supported. The AfD took recently through head Alice Weidel racing off to the Italian budgetary plans and gruwt of the protectionist discourse of Le Pen.

In the run-up to the European elections announced, Le Pen is already there in the spring of ‘at least two’ joint performances are of her with Salvini and European like-minded people in preparation of an ‘alliance of nations’. The goal: “the EU from the inside out’.

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