Escape at Dannemora – True crime fiction with amazing cast new on Canvas

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Starting Wednesday, you can Canvas the brand new topserie Escape at Dannemora discover, a true events-based fiction series about a remarkable escape from the prison of Dannemora against the Canadian border in 2015. Two assassins knew when to escape with the help of a female gevangenismedewerker with whom they shared a sexual relationship.

The eight-part series was directed by Ben Stiller, starring Benicio del Toro (Traffic, 21 Grams), Patricia Arquette (Boyhood, Medium) and Paul Dano (12 Years a Slave, There Will Be Blood).

The smooth and spectacular story did in the United States at the time created a buzz of attention. For the American public was the end, so all known in advance, and yet the press and the public are very enthusiastic about the series. Especially the fair and little glamorous performances of the protagonists were praised. First of all Patricia Arquette, who with great conviction and play the somewhat seedy and bored gevangenisopzichter Tilly Mitchell plays.

For Flemish viewers there is also the exciting course of the story. But even those who are not can resist the temptation to take a look at the facts in Dannemora, will be just like the American viewers a lot of satisfaction found in the realistic and anything but empathetic approach of the events and the ‘heroes’ in Escape at Dannemora.

The story

The 51-year-old Tilly Mitchell (Patricia Arquette) works as a supervisor in the sewing workshop of the Clinton Correctional Facility, a prison in the town of Dannemora in New York state, on the border with Canada. Tilly is a bored, unhappy wife. She’s stuck in a loveless marriage with Lyle Mitchell (Eric Lange), and her job offers little solace. She is as motivated as her ‘staff’ in the studio.

To the lethargy, to break, to disappear, Tilly regularly in the storage space to have sex with David Sweat (Paul Dano), an intelligent, thoughtful, but also temperamental 34-year-old man convicted for the murder of a policeman. There is nothing exciting or romantic about their not so secret relationship, and yet Tilly frustrated when David is not in the studio should work.

But soon need a replacement: the smooth manipulator Richard Matt (Benicio Del Toro), an unscrupulous murderer in the cell next to that of David. It is Richard that is a complicated plan, consider to escape through the cellars and the dienstbuizen of the prison. Therefore, he puts especially David at work, that nights goes grinding and chiselling to their along escape routes.

Meanwhile, starts Richard in turn a sexual relationship with Tilly. He convinces her to help them and together with them to escape. Together they will start a new life in Mexico. They let themselves be easily persuaded, because she is equally trapped in her own life as her two lovers in the prison.

But, of course, is not everything as planned…

Escape at Dannemora is a production of Showtime. The series is brand new: they went in America will premiere on november 18. The American press was very promising for the series. Who also got two nominations for the Golden Globes (Best miniseries and Best actress in a miniseries) and was there on Sunday the 6th of January is also one of ‘cashing in’ (Patricia Arquette as Best Actress).

View Escape at Dannemora from Wednesday about 22u10 on Canvas or wherever you are via or Proximus TV app. Click here for the series to take. On the TV Replay you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

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