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Dr. Julian Hosp back at TenX!

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In a short Video on Twitter, the co-Founder and President of the Singapore-based company announced his resignation. As reasons he gave the differences of opinion on the future of TenX. His friend and co-founder Toby Hoenisch, will steer the company that took your ICO in the year 2017, more than 80 million USD, from now and forward.

A lot of criticism in the last year

TenX has been criticized in the past year, often and strongly, as many customers were disappointed that the company still has no product on the market and Hosp, as President, was often busy with self-marketing. As a book author, Keynote Speaker and Mindset expert, and more, he was always concerned in order to market himself and his own company, instead of to take care of the Marketing of TenX. Some of the customers of the company see the therefore, in the withdrawal Hosps rather a positive opportunity, as the “beginning of the end”. As the company wraps up on a short Twitter Statement, so far, completely in Silence, some investors have more information, because the company donors that their money and supporters to be guilty. In the Statement TenX writes:

The year 2019 for TenX great opportunities. We are excited about the incredible potential that lies before us. We are committed to ensuring that our Vision and Mission can be implemented according to plan. At the beginning of this year, new agreements in respect of our leadership team met.

Toby Hoenisch, the business will promote from today alone, while Julian Hosp TenX. We have received from all of you, under Julian’s leadership, a tremendous amount of appreciation and support and want to thank him for the fact that he has paved the way for further success of TenX in the coming years“.

TenX in January 2019

What’s next?

How it goes for Julian Hosp personally, he leaves open in his emotional Video. First of all, he’ll take a break to rediscover themselves and look to the front.
How to do it for TenX more also remains open. The resignation of the President came at a very inopportune time. Less than 2 weeks ago, took place in a so-called Token-Swap, in which all owners of TenX issued PAY-Token will get the same number of newly created Tokens (TENX). What is the meaning of the news of the resignation of Julian Hosp for the price of the two tokens can only be guessed at. We of crypto Ticker will keep you informed about all upcoming events and news!

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