British parliament makes Theresa May is increasingly difficult

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The British parliament has on Wednesday decided that prime minister Theresa May, less than three days to get the time with a new Brexitplan to the parliament, if the plan that’s on the table now, voted out of office. The members of parliament to draw the control on the Brexit this more and more.

The British prime minister Theresa May defends the next few days her Brexitakkoord in the parliament. Next week Tuesday is the make or break, but the probability that the chord green light is given, is extremely small.

In case of rejection, the government-May initially have 21 days to return to the parliament with a new plan. But, as long as want the members of parliament not to wait. Wednesday was an amendment to a ordemotie is in itself quite extraordinary, adopted the term back to three days. 308 members of parliament got behind the amendment, 297 others against.

Officially wants the parliament the opportunity to limit on a hard Brexit, an exit from the EU without agreement. “The purpose is to avoid the government out of the time goes in the direction of a ‘no deal’. If and when the plan of the prime minister Tuesday will be voted out, then we can’t wait until February 12 for the next vote. The situation is now urgent”, it was heard in parliamentary circles.

New defeat

Premier May and her members of the government lose this yet again a crucial vote in the parliament. Tuesday was the parliament there is already an amendment that the powers of the government to raise taxes and to collect in a no deal scenario sensitive limits.

Moreover, it is not so much the opposition party Labour which May here the das to do. The largest part of the opposition would rather breed to a vote of no confidence when the prime minister Tuesday’s vote to lose, and then to early elections. The amendment was submitted by a member of parliament of the Conservative party May, Dominic Grieve, and was supported by a whole host of Conservative ex-ministers and secretaries of state.

The British leaving the European Union on 29 march, with or without consent, repeated May several times already. The probability that the current Brexit agreement is not successful, seems to get wider and wider.

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