Australian prime minister gets two linkervoeten

3e0081659d0dd3141dd52cdbe8261109 - Australian prime minister gets two linkervoeten

A new portrait of the Australian prime minister and his family went viral, after a fault was noticed in the photo. A photoshopped Scott Morrison seems to be two linkervoeten.

A traditional family portrait was shared on the official website of the prime minister, but went completely wrong. Attentive viewers noticed that the shoes of the premier polished by fotoshop, and worse, that he suddenly two linkervoeten had. The photo has now been replaced by the original image, with old shoes.

Morrison himself responded via Twitter. “Message to my social team, I have not asked for my shoes to Polish them. But if you want something fotoshoppen, can you do something to my hair (or lack thereof)?’ He post a photo of his ‘favorite shoes when he is out of his tailor-made suit’.

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