Ariana Grande: “This year no sex for me”

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The American singer Ariana Grande has resolved to 2019 sexless. “For me, that is the only way to become happy”, it sounds.

Ariana Grande has a hell of a year behind. First was the 25-year-old singer is faced with the death of her ex-boyfriend Mac Miller. When she was together with comedian Pete Davidson, but a few weeks later, the couple from each other. The extent to which that had to do with the death of Mac Miller, who’s from the life stepped, is not clear.

Due to the impact of both events on her life wants Ariana herself this year to protect. “I want to be in 2019, a year without sex. For me, that is the only way to become happy,” she says in a TV Family.

For its need, this year there are no men in her life to come. “They are the last year the reason for the misery that I have defied. Therefore, I connect my heart now. I have to protect myself and myself so love to deny. That is heavy, I realize that. Infatuation is a wonderful feeling. And sex… Well that is necessary. But I now need to complete detox of the poison that men before me have been. Therefore, my remarkable request to people who I want to be optimistic for 2019: wish me a year without love. Thank you”, sounds.

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