18-year-old Saudi is allowed to seek asylum in Australia

c83f1ce693e22e0d4cccf1139a632fe8 - 18-year-old Saudi is allowed to seek asylum in Australia

Australia considers asylum to be granted to the Saudi woman that the abuse of her family wanted to flee. That has the Australian ministry of the Interior decided, after a positive opinion of the UN refugee organisation UNHCR.

The UN refugee organisation UNHCR had to the authorities in Australia to know that they are the wife as a refugee is considered. On the basis thereof, considering the Australian government to Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun asylum.

The 18-year-old All-Qunun beat on the flight, during a stay with her family in Kuwait. They came Saturday in Bangkok, thailand. The young woman says that she wants to leave from Saudi Arabia because they are there by the male family members beaten. Some family members could her death have threatened. She fears not only her family, but also the government, because they the islam renounced.

The Thai authorities were holding her and took her passport. The migration service says that they was stopped because they don’t have a ticket for a return flight, no money in pocket and no explanation could provide for her stay in Thailand. The woman refused, however, on the flight to Kuwait, and barricadeerde himself in a hotel room.

Through the messages and videos on her Twitter account was the outside world all follow, that Bangkok abandon the plan all-Qunun out. They wrote more to fear for her safety if she were required to her family to return. She was transferred to the staff of the UNHCR, pending a review of its refugee status.

The story of al-Qunun became quickly known internationally, as a new example of the repression in the Saudi kingdom.

Australian politicians have already understood that the application of the Saudi acceptance will be. ‘If it turns out that she is a refugee, then we will very, very, very seriously studying the possibility of a humanitarian visa, said minister of Health, Greg Hunt.

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