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Urbanus is 70 this year, and that should be celebrated

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Although it was only on 7 June, really far, the VRT from today all reflect on the seventieth anniversary of Urban. And rightly so.

1 URBAN 70

One, 21.30-22.05 hours

Urbain Servranckx from Tollembeek is seventy. Five weeks is Urban hailed by friends and colleagues. ’a man’s enemies were five weeks locked up in the basement and obliged to his records to listen to. Amnesty is on the height.


Canvas, 22.25-23.15 hours

Each episode of The lost tapes (Smithsonian Channel) is worth the effort, but this about the almost-dismissal of Bill Clinton is to feast. There is Monica Lewinsky, of course, something between. Between the secret documents found the investigative journalists, here and there, what asse of cigars.


BBC 1, 22.00-23.00

And we are left for season 22 (eat that, FC The champions!) of the wetsdoktersreeks. The character of Emilia Fox is there again, although the cliffhanger of the previous season finale else did suspect (eat that at Home!).

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