Unique fossil of a prehistoric deer unearthed

The fossil includes portions of the teeth, the limbs and the spine of the animal, or nearly 70 percent of the total skeleton. It was found in the north of the province of Buenos Aires, in a zone where in the last 17 years, 24 fossils of mammals and reptiles were found.

‘It is surprising to see how the spine and neck are preserved in the position in which the animal lived, ” says director of the paleontological museum of San Pedro, José Luis Alguilar, that the hertenfossiel has found.

In addition to the almost full set of teeth were also vertebrae found, about twenty ribs, the pelvis, the right hind-leg and part of the thighs.

The fossil belongs to the Morenelaphus-species, which until now only fragmentary remains were found. ‘This animal has given us details of a time in our prehistory when the environment was quite different than today, ” says Alguilar yet.

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