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Thorgan Hazard press rumours in the head: “I think currently only in Mönchengladbach”

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Thorgan Hazard has this season heavily underway with Borussia Mönchengladbach. The 25-year-old Red Devil is this volume is already good for a total of twelve goals and seven assists, and with Gladbach handsome third in the Bundesliga.

The midfielder may be on interest charge of several top clubs, but think for the moment aloud to a room. “With my head I’m only at Borussia”, it sounds.

“The first half went well,” says Hazard at the site of Mönchengladbach. “For me, but also for the team. I hope that our strong performance after the winter break can confirm, and that way can continue to play. For the season I stated that I still could play football. I show it, but still needs more constant. I especially want to work for the team. My penalties can be even better, I will work on that.”

The strong performance of Hazard will not go unnoticed. So would the Bundesliga leader Dortmund an eye on the younger brother of Eden, and even the name of powerhouse Bayern Munich sounds. “I’ve been with Max Eberl (sporting director of Mönchengladbach, ed.) a conversation had,” explains Hazard. “I’ve said it for me, currently, it is important to perform and the team to success, to help. Max knows that I, with my head only in Mönchengladbach am and with full concentration in my job to exercise. With a new contract or transfer, I am currently not working. How the situation there after the season looks like, is open. An extension is possible, because I am happy at the club, just like my family. When the time came, Max and I continued to talk.” (belga)

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