The subject of abuses at Baba Yega

59b16af03948793d0d70302a8298f9eb - The subject of abuses at Baba Yega

Remarkable message in the new Day All. “Baba Yega, where is all that money going?”, thus, in holland the magazine. The winners of Belgium’s Got Talent were hot in Flanders but it’s actually pretty quiet around the group. A little while ago called Studio 100 the press to Harsh for the announcement of big news. There was something mysterious done, what would be the Studio 100 to report? Gert Verhulst was proud that Studio 100 is now shelter would give it to Baba Yega, but the present members of the press were not really impressed. Itself, we took our shoulders, we should do something with this? Baba Yega had earlier in their existence, a less good impression left, perhaps as a result of a bad management. The “facts” that are about to follow have nothing to do with Studio 100 to make, but with the people who are involved with the group were still before Studio 100 is the deal with Baba Yega signed.

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