“Spice Girls show of American tour, to quarrels, to avoid”

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Mel C, Emma Bunton, Geri Horner and Mel B don’t want the United States to go on tour. Sources report that the Spice Girls refrain because they are afraid that a tour quarrel ends.

The four remaining members going to this years of touring through various cities in the united Kingdom. According to sources from The Sun would the singers about 80 million pounds (89 million euros) are promised for the tour to expand, but they see it anyway.

“They know from experience how much pressure a tour can generate, and they are afraid that, after all the concerts in Great Britain may be,” says an insider.

The singers have in the past tours where they have over fifty nights in a row on the podium. “That resulted in the cancellation of gigs in South America, Australia, Asia and Africa. That they do not want to have a go.”

In addition, all four of the members are children and they do not want to be long from home, know the source. “That’s why they are looking now, the possibility of a few shows in the United States in July and August, when their children are free from school and able to on tour.”

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