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Soon find the world cup there place but Finnish international matches for match in Qatar “for ethical reasons”

The football teams of Finland and Sweden play fri night practice in Qatar, but without Riku not season. The 29-year-old Finnish attacker from HJK Helsinki paste “ethical reason” for a training camp in the Golfstaat, so sign Finnish media.

“When I got the invitation, I have the issue with sports director Lennart Wangel and head coach Markku Kanerva discussed. The reasons behind my decision are ethical. There are values I want to keep”, not season quoted.

When the Finnish bond the choice, announced to work out in Qatar, there was already criticism. Qatar, which in 2022 host country for the soccer world cup, is accused of being not so closely with the human rights of guest workers in the country.

In a communication, says coach Kanerva decision is not season to understand, but it also underlines the sporting importance of the training camp in preparation for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS-qualification. In addition, the training facilities there are top class, what it sounds like.

“As a player, you’re like a sheep”

Team captain Tim Sparv also took up position. According to him it is good that there is attention to the subject, but he is not that, therefore, he has to stay home. “As a player, you’re like a sheep. You are going to where they say that you should go,” he said in an interview.

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