Sanctions against Iran for two murders in the Netherlands

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Iran was likely behind two murders in 2015 and 2017 on Dutch territory were committed. Reports that the Dutch ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The netherlands considers it ‘likely’ that Iran was responsible for the murder of two Dutch citizens of Iranian origin, committed in Almere and The Hague. The two were opponents of the regime in Tehran. Report that the Dutch ministers Stef Blok and Kajsa Ollongren, on the basis of information of the Dutch and foreign intelligence services.

The Dutch intelligence service AIVD has ‘strong indications’ that Iran is behind it sitting, writing the ministers in a letter to the Dutch parliament. “The cabinet finds that such hostile actions of the Dutch sovereignty in a flagrant manner, violate and unacceptable.”

Diplomats expelled

The European Union has today sanctions were brought against two Iranian people and the Iranian military intelligence. The netherlands had asked for it. Together with some other European countries, including Belgium, have our neighbors also ‘has serious concerns’ transferred over ‘hostile actions’ in the European territory.

The liquidations were also the reason that in June 2018, with two diplomats from the Iranian embassy in the Netherlands were turned off, although the reason when silence was held. Also the ambassador was summoned. The two persons who are now penalties are set, are employees of the Iranian intelligence service. The sanctions against them were there not because of their involvement in the murders, but ” as a clear signal that the Netherlands, the unacceptable is that Iran is likely behind this serious business’, it sounds in the letter.

The netherlands was not the only target of Iran. Last year, in Denmark and France at the last minute attacks were thwarted. In Denmark it was about a murder scheme on three Arab separatists. In the foiled attack in France was an Iranian-Belgian couple involved. The couple had a bomb should go off at a meeting of an Iranian opposition movement in Paris.

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