Niels Destadsbader presents the Golden Shoe

26668a1a5c4e99a23ee68a9ad2fad877 - Niels Destadsbader presents the Golden Shoe

Colours the Golden boot for the third time in a row, blue-black, after José Izquierdo and Ruud Shaper? And who is following Janice Cayman as the best Belgian football player? That come football fans on Wednesday 16 January 2019 to know during the presentation of the Golden Shoe 2018. The 65th edition of the Golden Shoe will take place in the pop-uptheater in Puurs and is shown live on VTM from 21.15 and through the livestreams on,, on the facebook page of VTM and VTM NEWS from 18.45 to 19.30.

VTM NEWS anchor Birgit Van Mol and her colleague Maarten Breckx get this year’s company of Niels Destadsbader. Niels makes his dream true and occurs in addition to the two other hosts as soccer and full-blooded entertainer in the Golden Shoe arena. Birgit goes in the hall to conduct interviews with the attendees. Maarten aims again as the voetbalkenner to the expectations among the favourites.

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