NBC wants Meghan Markle one time increase in ‘Suits’

727b003110f02ab2477fb8ce0987a3ad - NBC wants Meghan Markle one time increase in 'Suits'

Meghan Markle became famous as Rachel Zane in the American series ‘Suits’. After her engagement with prince Harry, she had her acting career to say goodbye, to the great regret of her fans and the creators of ‘Suits’. But there is also good news for those who are missing: the chance that they one last time in the series appears.

NBC Universal, the media company behind ‘Suits, Markle namely multimillion offer to once again appear on the screen. An anonymous source had ‘Daily Star’ word: “The pictures would be a maximum of a half a day to complete. There is no fixed amount agreed upon, but negotiations will soon start. The amount would be between two and six million dollars, and that seems huge, but it was going to be one of the largest marketing agreements in the television history.”

Meghan Markle, the sum would not, however, itself is yours. That would be integral to a charity of your choice. The British royal family was approached for comment, but stays silent so far in all languages. In practice, it would Markle also in the series are pregnant, and together with Mike, her partner in ‘Suits’, living in the Uk. NBC expected the episode to a huge crowd, what would the high amount explains. Now to wait and see what Markle decided.

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