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Mine-x system sent crypto cards, which is used worldwide and, with fees starting from 0% as a cash paid out can be. – Coin Hero

dabd6b2f2f6a48788bcfa127cadcdbe2 - Mine-x system sent crypto cards, which is used worldwide and, with fees starting from 0% as a cash paid out can be. - Coin Hero

Mine-x system sent crypto cards, which is used worldwide and, with fees starting from 0% as a cash paid out can be.

Home News Mining x system sent crypto cards, which are used worldwide and, with fees starting from 0% for cash paid out.

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8. January, Tallinn, Estonia – Mine-x system, an extensive Blockchain-products specialized development company, has begun worldwide accepted crypto cards to send, which via MinexPay bought were. Soon, users will be worldwide, without limitation, the first delivery of the over MinexPay ordered crypto cards. The card allows the users to use crypto-currency as conventional currency during the purchase of products and services. Even more important, however, is that you can stand out with the crypto card with fees starting from 0% at the next ATM for cash. It is expected that Minexcoin gain in importance, above all because it is an essential part of the Ecosystem and, thanks to the low-MNX-minimum balance, high-demand shows. Furthermore, Mine-x system provides the users with an annual profit of up to 45%, if your crypto money in the MinexBank “Parking” (this means: the cryptographic use of money in a selected time period active).

Currently MinexPax provides for the order of the cards four different tariff plans: Standard, Gold, Platinum and Infinite. Depending on your plan, the money can be withdraw at ATM’s fees from 0%. This means that users of your crypto can withdraw money free of charge and with maps of MinexPay a Cashback amount of up to 1%. More information on tariff plans, fees, and restrictions, click here.

“We have introduced until the end of 2018 a successful card program,” says Boris Shulyaev, the founder and CEO of Mine x system. “And although it didn’t manage cards with the MinexPay Logo issue before the winter holiday, will work on it and will imagine the cards with the brand logo soon, even this year.”

Minexcoin is an essential part of the MinexSystem network. Consequently, the demand for MNX increases with the number of Mine x system users. The MinexPay purchased tickets, users need a minimum balance of 1,000 MNX, to the crypto-currency, with charges from 0% for cash withdraw – 200 MNX, with fees of 2% to withdraw. This MNX-minimum balance belongs fully to the card holders and can be withdrawn at any time. In order to benefit from low fees, users should have a certain amount of MNX-the amount on your card, such as the example above shows.

Due to high demand, Mine-x system will be made up to the end of the second quarter of 2019 30,000 in ticket sales. If confirmed this prediction, there will be about 3 million MNX to the minimum balance, which corresponds to 75% of the current MNX circulation. Of course, this will have a positive impact on the Minexcoin price.

More information about the minimum balance of the individual rate schedules are to be found here.

In addition to the world’s usable crypto Bank cards, Mine-x system also offers various Blockchain-products. The unique Service MinexBank the first, which is the Minexcoin is encouraging owners to have their MNX Coins in the Wallet in order to save this. This gives Minexcoin free of charge as a rate of interest of fixed assets and in the Form of MNX, without the need for money to someone transfer the money.

MinexBank used “Parking” as a representation of the Minexcoin-owners that bring them within a certain period of time with no Coins from the Wallet to the market. This intention is confirmed by the Minexcoin-owner by a request in the MinexBank. Depending on the amount of time MinexBank offers a variety of “Park”rates. For example, users can currently benefit from Rates of up to 45% per year. More information about MinexBank services and Tariffs, please visit the official Website.

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