‘Massive irregularities’ during Congolese elections

b4d04f4698b21e139873336328f53714 - ‘Massive irregularities’ during Congolese elections

A Congolese monitoring mission during the presidential elections of december 30, 110 polling stations visited, has said on Tuesday that it is in almost half of these ‘massive irregularities’ has been established.

The Congolese monitoring mission SYMOCEL, a collaboration between various Congolese ngos, says that the several occasions witnessed staff in the polling stations that messed with the votes.

In addition, it would in sixteen percent of the kiesbureaus the proper procedure for the counting of the votes have not been followed. So, for example, worked with the automatic print-out of the voting computers, and were the votes manually counted. However, that is required by law.

It would also almost not a single polling station for the local election results after the count is known to have made a poster to the wall. That is also a legal requirement.

On the preliminary results of the Congolese elections is still waiting. Initially, that would be Sunday going to happen, but that deadline was not met. In Congo talks of the rumors that Martin Fayulu last week Sunday, the elections convincingly won and therefore, in principle, on January 18, the new president of Congo.

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