Kevin Spacey, after rechtbankbezoek of the road for speed

Actor Kevin Spacey continues itself negatively into the spotlight to work, it seems. After his first rechtbankzitting around the alleged abuse, he was yesterday of the road down by the police. Agents stopped the car of the steracteur against when he was with high speed drove away from an airport in Washington, D. C.

TMZ posted a video online of the moment when agents of the former ‘House of Cards’actor claims on his driving. Spacey, who with his lawyer in the car, there is a warning from came. Also the paparazzo who the action is filmed, got a rebuke from the police because his car illegally along the side of the road had stopped.

Earlier in the day had Spacey “not guilty” pleaded in the lawsuit in which he is accused of the sexual assault of an 18-year-old. He would take the young man in a bar in the cross have taken. The case is on 4 march continued.

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