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Kenny De Ketele directly under the knife after broken collarbone: no time to lose

d8a8c8c0d186d3e8aaba6b89b56eb178 - Kenny De Ketele directly under the knife after broken collarbone: no time to lose

Kenny De Ketele (Sport Vlaanderen-Baloise) has Monday night in a crash in the ploegkoers during the six days of Rotterdam with a broken collarbone sustained and dinsdagvoormiddag in Antwerp already under the knife, so he made Tuesday announced on his Instagram account.

“My six-day is past,” said the 33-year-old De Ketele. “At the time of the crash, I knew basically immediately that my collar bone was broken. There is today/Tuesday, surgically a picture posted on my broken rechtersleutelbeen. I fear that here a period of a week is involved.”

After the fourth night was The Ketele with Robbe Ghys sixth, four laps of the Danish leaders, Lasse Norman Hansen, and Jules Hester. “Together with Robbe, I was in the six days come back from a lost position. We had the ploegkoers of the fifth night all the way to our hand. I had just Robbe Ghys relieved and sent up, without looking back. Melvin van Zijl drove against me and I fell on my shoulder. A pity, because together with Robbe Ghys, I was a throw to the do to the overall victory in this six-day.”

“I hope as soon as possible back on the bike. That’s why I also allows me to operate. It makes rehabilitation faster,” decided The Ketele.

Time is running out for The Ketele: the world cup is after all, from 27 February to 3 march in the Polish Pruszkow driven.

This message on Instagram

So, that was it for me @six days. The very moment after the crash I knew immediately that my collar bone was broken. I’ll have surgery in Antwerp later this morning. I want to thank the medical team that was present at the track and especially medic Gino for the first aid. My sponsor at the race @wooningkeukensbadkamers for their support to me and the whole 6days. My soigneur @tinolaureys for taking me directly to Belgium and for using his contacts or the medical team or @rscanderlecht with Kristof Sas, Geert Declercq and Olivier Verborgt. And thank you to everyone for the help, messages and for your sympathy. Good luck to all riders in the final day of @, a six-day, make it a great battle and may the best team win.

A message shared by Kenny De Ketele (@deketelekenny) on 8 Jan 2019 12:43 (PST)

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