Jonas Geirnaert: “I’m Bart De Pauw enormously grateful”

3c62de13bfc977642e76714c80bfc94c - Jonas Geirnaert: "I'm Bart De Pauw enormously grateful"

Soon the new drama series ‘The Day’ in FOUR. The scenario was conceived by Jonas Geirnaert and his fiance Julie Mahieu. Also Bart De Pauw got the story under the eyes, and was bowled.

From Thursday, emits FOUR the exciting series of ‘The Day’. The series is about a hostage situation in a bank. The viewer follows the story from two points of view: that of the perpetrators and the victims in the bank, and that of the police.

Geirnaert and Mahieu, a reportagemaakster, started the scenario to write in a hut in Thailand, when she for eleven months on a world trip. At their return were the first two of the twelve episodes finished. After four years of sweat and toil was the final product ready.

The 36-year-old comedian left the scenario include, among others, Bart De Pauw. That was immediately sold. “He was from the beginning very excited, and it is also thanks to him and Michiel De Vlieger that in the end all the puzzle pieces into each other and fell. I am Bart, extremely grateful, he has given me the box, largely learned. Ten years ago, he asked me to write to ‘Quiz Me Quick’. That was the first time that I have written anything that is not pure comedy. Bart has been and continues to be one of the best screenwriters in Flanders walking around,” he says in All.

Meanwhile, it’s been a while quite silent around Bart De Pauw, after he last year in time came around challenging behaviour. For Geirnaert hit that news like a bomb. “It goes hard against the image that I have of Bart have. But I’m not things to minimize. It is important that the research calmly and thoroughly expired and so it is better to now not to say”, sounds.

Yet hopes Geirnaert that there is clarity around the case. “I hope for all parties that this is quickly cleared up. I have Bart sent a message that he is always with me should come and talk if he needs it. But I haven’t heard.”

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