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It is not Hein

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Analysis Five thoughts after the first working day of new Anderlecht-trainer Fred Rutten

It is not Hein

The bus to winter training to leave was waiting. Anderlecht presented its new coach yesterday so in a hurry for. Fred Rutten wanted to boast and looked even a little flustered. This is the antidote after Hein Vanhaezebrouck.

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“We are going to very quick results should be drop’, be aware of Fred Rutten, during the press conference flanked by Anderlecht-manager Michael Verschueren.’ Thierry roger williams park/belga

Analysis Five thoughts after the first working day of new Anderlecht-trainer Fred Rutten

It is not Hein

The bus to winter training to leave was waiting. Anderlecht presented its new coach yesterday so in a hurry for. Fred Rutten wanted to boast and looked even a little flustered. This is the antidote after Hein Vanhaezebrouck.

After the coach, now the transfers

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Jürgen Geril

No long-winded explanations

We were Hein Vanhaezebrouck just. As Hein a press conference, you looked ever at your watch and suggested you might be surprised that he was already a half hour was talking. Voetballyriek. Fred Rutten (56) is different. His first day began with a tour of the training complex and the fit of his new trainingsoutfit. Then was Rutten to talk to the press. He looked sheepish and even a little nervous for the seven camera crews. In between, he whispered ever: ‘We must leave for the airport.’

Rutten is a warm man for his game group, but is calculated to the outside. He draws no attention to itself, such as Vanhaezebrouck or his Dutch predecessors such as forest camp, and The Moss did. He is humble and not full of himself. “We need to Anderlecht again to the front,” he said. ‘That is not an easy job, but against Anderlecht you say no no. This has resonance in Europe. That I am here, but just another choice am after Bosz, De Boer, Cocu…? Even though I am a sixth choice: if I view that is not. A friend said to me once: If you’re at a club are the first to be called, you become the never.’

The new coach will be in more detail can be interviewed during the internship. But the media are only welcome from Friday 11 January. I did, however, prove that a decision was Vanhaezebrouck. He had the journalists prefer to be admitted.

English is the language of instruction

“We need to Anderlecht again to the front. That is not an easy job, but against Anderlecht you say no no”
Fred Rutten
Coach Anderlecht

Fred Rutten

Coach Anderlecht

Rutten began his exposé with excuses. Apologies because he did not spoke French, but he’s going to learn. Perschef Marie Verbeke had to translate everything for the French-speaking fans that the press conference followed. Not speaking French can be a disadvantage for Anderlecht. Than comes ever faster ” in the French-speaking media, but we must also not exaggerate. Van den Brom and forest camp knew no French, Weiler spoke no English. They were all three champion.

Yet look how the communication will happen with Karim Belhocine. T2 understands a little English, but speak it not. He gives a good bond with the French-speaking players. “We will taalafspraken”, says Rutten. ‘English will be the language of communication.”

One player is benefiting already from the arrival of the new coach Morioka. Rutten brings the Dutchman Arno van Fungus along as assistant, and that was three years in goal at the Japanese Jubilo Itawa. He speaks a bit Japanese.

An army of assistants

In the commitment of Rutten
are step – and ontslagclausules, so everyone is relatively cheap in his own way
can go

Because yes, there is even an assistant. Fungus is actually a goalkeeper coach that I worked at Maccabi Haifa, but now he is just an assistant coach. All the current staff on board: Karim Belhocine (T3), Max Young (coach), Gino Caen (physical coach), Jonas De Roeck (T4 and beloftencoach) and Pär Zetterberg (T5). Add to this the videoanalisten Moussa El Habchi and Rudy Fort and you have a whole battery of helpers. Then the question arises, or that no surfeit is, and nobody will be made redundant, but Belhocine, Caen, De Roeck and De Jong are very good for the players. “I took Arno because he’s my way of working through and through, but I’m also happy with the technical staff that was already there. They know the player base and can me brief. We go quite fast results should drop.’

A look Dutch?

Marc Coucke was not present at the presentation of Rutten, but sporting director Frank Arnesen, general manager Michael Verschueren, assistant manager Johan Plancke and commercial director Jo Van Biesbroeck was there. Especially Arnesen and Verschueren go with the coach to discuss how the team now must be strengthened. Right away is also a look of Dutch players at Anderlecht linked: striker Vincent Janssen of Tottenham, playing point guard Ibrahim Afellay from Stoke City and defender Jeffrey Bruma of Wolfsburg. All they were ever for millions sold, but now they want more playing time (see elsewhere on this page).


It is also striking that Fred Rutten a contract of indefinite duration. Anderlecht had in the past often generous severance payments payable to the coaches. Recently thick 1.5 million euros to Hein Vanhaezebrouck. In the commitment of Rutten are both step – if ontslagclausules, so everyone is relatively cheap to go his own way if necessary. Some claim that Rutten actually already in the picture was at Twente – the club of his heart – for next summer, as the Tukkers to the Eredivisie for a doctorate. ‘There are contracts of indefinite duration. It is intended to be with Fred Rutten, in the longer term to go, decided Michael Verschueren.

After the coach, now the transfers

The athletic director is within and also the trainer is a fact. Now Anderlecht are still new players pick up.

BrusselAnderlecht left yesterday on stage to San Pedro del Pinatar. Marc Coucke, Frank Arnesen, Michael Verschueren: they flew all of us and so there will be in Spain, also talking about acquisitions. Trainer Fred Rutten will be the first or even the current selection to analyze, but it is already clear that there are few racers in need.

Yesterday was Spurs striker Vincent Janssen already Anderlecht linked and a Dutch journalist threw Rutten all the names of playing point guard Ibrahim Afellay and defender Jeffrey Bruma for the feet. “We will soon be together to see where we need to strengthen,” was the answer.

The suggestions of names are not illogical but are not at all cheap birds. So was Vincent Janssen (24) in 2016 in AZ still topschutter of the Premier league with 27 goals. Tottenham paid a then 20 million for him, but the Spurs is the 17-times Dutch international is not in the bin. In september 2017, he was loaned out to Fenerbahçe and last year revalideerde he months of a voetoperatie. Janssen is fit again, was also at Celtic linked, but Frank Arnesen has good contacts with his ex-club Tottenham.

The other cited names are in the same vein. Ibrahim Afellay (32) has the same agent as Fred Rutten and worked under him at PSV. Then he went for 3 million to Barcelona, but now they are to Stoke City in the English second division to the difficult nature of the number 10 tired.

Defender Jeffrey Bruma began his career with Chelsea, but ontbolsterde then at PSV. Also there had Rutten for his share in, but after the transfer of 13 million to Wolfsburg dwindles Bruma meanwhile, in the Bundesliga.

Capital increase

Jürgen Locadia (25) finally, it is a spire that is easily scored at PSV, but recently external relations in a departure from Brighton&Hove. All he found recently touch against Arsenal and Everton and he changed, then again a bit of thought.

The are all logical ways of thinking, but dares to Anderlecht again players to pick with a lack of speelminuten? And how will they pay for it? Coucke think still to a capital increase of 35 million, and the purple & white also wants players made redundant. So it is not even excluded that Ivan Santini with a good offer even leave.

Crystal Abazaj, Luka Adzic and Mohammed Dauda already got the message that they better be lent.

Striker Dauda, who has this summer been interested enjoyed Vitesse, Mainz, Sparta Prague, Basel and Mechelen, is the closest to a rental. Abazaj prefer a uitleenbeurt in Belgium.

Also, Knowledge Musona can leave for the right conditions. As has Waasland-Beveren an eye on the dribbelaar, but he seems too expensive. For him, there is also foreign interest.

Without Vranjes
and Morioka

Anderlecht left yesterday on stage without Ognjen Vranjes and Ryota Morioka. They catered both sick, but it would not transferitis. Vranjes had was 39.5 degrees fever. They travel later this week to Spain. (jug)

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