Helle Vanderheyden is gorgeous Cinderella

666994266dad98a2731e1a3e4d420ad0 - Helle Vanderheyden is gorgeous Cinderella

Just was the brand new image of the familiemusical ‘Cinderella’ revealed, the second story of producer Deep Bridge and is the successor of the successful “Sleeping beauty”.

Cinderella is played by Helle Vanderheyden (Kotmadam, Geubels and the Belgians, Prinsessia). For the role of prince pulls Thomas Van Goethem (Booh!, Sleeping beauty) his sword a last time above. Thomas Van Goethem played the last few years, several times the prince, including last year on the side of Tinne Oltmans in “Sleeping beauty”, that in 2018, more than 20,000 tickets sold.

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