Heathrow airport resumes flights after report of drone

7a69859e50b01c5901c1742247cf61bb - Heathrow airport resumes flights after report of drone

At London’s Heathrow airport, the departing flights Tuesday night for an hour shut down, after a report was made of a drone. This is reported by the airport through Twitter. In the meantime, the flights resumed.

Heathrow is the largest airport of Europe. “We are working closely with the London police to any threat to the operational security to avoid’, so tweette Heathrow mon afternoon. “After a short interruption of air traffic resumed.’

In december, habitats, reports of drones for hours the air traffic at Gatwick airport, another airport in London. Or there are effectively drones were, however, is still not clear. There were 67 reports of people who claimed that she was a drone had seen, but images are missing and speuracties to flying vehicles yielded nothing.

A couple arrested was nothing to do with any drones in the area. According to the police of Sussex, it is possible that the observations are ‘a mistake’. As a precaution, hundreds of flights cancelled and 140,000 passengers had their plans change, but was possible, therefore, that is not at all necessary.

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