Hearing cases ceo Nissan: ‘Wrongfully accused’

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A jetsetbestaan to a small cell in Japan: the spectacular decline of ceo Carlos Ghosn attracted the attention of more than a thousand Japanese for the hearing of the former head of car manufacturer Nissan.

Carlos Ghosn was on 19 november during a visit to Tokyo will be met by the police and arrested. The allegations against him are heavy: according to the Japanese authorities has Ghosn millions in revenue hidden to the tax authorities and bedrijfsgeld (Nissan) used for private purposes only. He risks ten years in prison.

Nissan has him now dismissed as ceo, but Ghosn remains the boss of Renault. Nissan and Renault have a far-reaching alliance forged under the leadership of Ghosn.

Today, if the bright emaciated manager for the first time to defend in a hearing held in the Japanese capital. However, this is not yet the beginning of the process. The entourage fears that Ghosn still months in a cell must continue for it is so far.

“Integer acted’

Ghosn that Nissan years ago, of a death prevented, cried his innocence. He called himself a victim of false and baseless allegations. “I’ve always integer acted, and am never accused of embezzlement in my professional career.’

More than a thousand people were come down to the courtroom, although there are only fourteen places are.

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