France test toll without barrier

8b16df4dae706d1cda115931cc781a60 - France test toll without barrier

Good news for those cruising on the French motorways. On an exit of the A4 motorway near Metz, in the northeast of the country, the local snelwegbeheerder the first toll of the country without barrier test.

Snelwegbeheerder Sanef will be at the exit of Boulay-Moselle and the toll road without a barrier and with arrears test. The porch will be equipped with cameras and sensors to the passing vehicles to identify.

The director may post the account of 1.30 euros to pay online, or via a nearby atm. The system should be the files counter at the péages on this highway, which is very much used for commuting to and from work. Who does not pay within the 10 days, 20 euros up.

In a next phase, want to Sanef the system will also roll out in the whole of Normandy, in the northwest. That would be by the end of 2021.

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