Eternal adventurer Tom Waes shows house sparrow

Eternal adventurer Tom Waes shows house sparrow

Tom Waes is similar to television in a rebellious adventurer, but at home the television is a completely different person, and reveals his girlfriend. Get acquainted with “house sparrow” Tom Waes, who, in his bathrobe in front of the stove is creeping…

Tom Waes is meanwhile a man in his fifties, but the new season of Travel Waes proves that the presenter of the danger still is not afraid. The urge for adventure was at an early age, says Tom Waes this week in the Story. But there is also another Tom. “My girlfriend often says, the people would be home, you have to see.” Home changes the eternal adventurer, after all, in a real house sparrow. But that is also necessary.

Tom Waes is already fifteen years together with Mieke that “he’s the woman of his life”. But they need as a real estate agent often until late in the evening to work and then Tom the sense that he is at home behind the stove creeps. “Actually, I am a real house sparrow,” reveals Tom Waes in the Story. “I do chores, maintenance of the garden and make dinner.” When the tv producer comes home then off his shoes, he does his bathrobe, and he begins to cooking.

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