Ella Leyers and Stubru-dj apart

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Ella Leyers and Faisal Chatar have a point behind their relationship. The showbizzkoppel was almost two years together.

Half a year ago it became known that Olga Leyers and Bazart-guitarist Simon Nuytten went their separate ways. Now it turns out that Ella Leyers and Studio Brussel-dj Faisal Chatar in all the friendship from each other are gone. That confirms the mother of the actress in this. “It’s true that Ella no longer together with Faisal. Why they vary, I do not know. We don’t live under the same roof, hey”, sounds the.

The breach is notable because the 30-year-old actress from “Professor T.” and “13 Commandments” is the three months ago about wedding plans. “A proposal has not yet been. But I would like to marry. All of this will not be in a church. Because I place mainly associate with funerals, but I also am not baptized and my love is muslim. That won’t do,” she said at the time in the Story.

The last time was the Antwerp actress is regularly spotted on the side of Nathan Ambach, son of Paul ‘Boogie Boy” Ambach, who for years has befriended the family Leyers. Ella’s mother denies any relationship between her daughter and Ambach. ‘The rumours doing the rounds about a new relationship of Ella and Nathan are not correct. Nathan and Ella have known each other for a very long time, that’s where. And yes, she is his go to look up in South Africa, where he mostly resides. But a relationship? No, Nathan is an inveterate bachelor, that is not an issue,” said mother Anne.

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