Director of nursing home where comapatiënte became pregnant after rape, get on

The ceo of the private nursing home where a woman has given birth, who is already fourteen years in a coma, is Monday, left. The victim was in the home in Phoenix (Arizona) raped, and gave birth at the end of last year to a boy. The police has an investigation open.

The entire board of directors of Hacienda HealthCare has the resignation of director Bill Timmons accepted, notifies the home, in a statement. According to a spokesperson of Hacienda was Timmons for 28 years ceo.

“The board of directors will be nothing less than a full justification for this absolutely horrible situation to accept, an unprecedented event that all parties concerned, the victim’s family and to all of the employees of Hacienda, shocked,” what it sounds like. The board of directors says its full cooperation with the police.

Sources say to the local branch of the news channel ABC that the staff never noticed that the woman was pregnant. They were alarmed when they the woman is heard moaning.

Earlier problems

Reports on the website of Medicare indicate that the health inspection in 2017 the hospital as the ‘average-rated’. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, called the quality of care for residents, and even ‘far below average’.

Hacienda specializes in the care for people with mental disabilities. Data from the state shows that some patients for decades in the home stay.

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