British politicians do not feel safe in parliament

Dozens of British mps do not feel more safe in the vicinity of the parliament in London. One of them, Anna Soubry, was there yesterday by protesters for ‘nazi’ is abused. The police doing too little?

Anna Soubry, conservative mp, member of parliament and opponent of the Brexit, was already threatened. In december surrounded a group of men in yellow vests her, they called her a traitor. Yesterday was the protest even further. While Soubry an interview to the BBC, chanted protesters ‘Soubry is a nazi, that could be you in the video above. According to Soubry has the same group weeks ago, a journalist of Sky News, Faisal Islam, offended.

The threats took place in and around the parliament building in London. The British members of parliament feel it is not safe. At least 55 mps have the commissioner of police sent a letter to their concerns.

In the letter mentioned by the members of parliament that the group of protesters tires would have with the extreme right. According to them, ignores the police of the problems. ‘The policy of the London police is to have nothing to do’, according to Soubry.

The London police say the incident yesterday to investigate. Police officers in the vicinity of the parliament would have been commissioned to ‘appropriate intervention’, writes The Guardian.

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