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Bring big changes to the McLaren again on the right path?

3bbec86878d1631c3d0ed455eb550e89 - Bring big changes to the McLaren again on the right path?

After yet another disappointing season in a row is McLaren this year with two new riders at the start: Carlos Sainz and Lando Norris. That last is the replacement of our fellow countryman, Stoffel Vandoorne and says that McLaren is a major change.

When will the big turn at the McLaren F1 team, and the renstal finally back competitive? Also Lando Norris dares not specifically about pronounce.

Norris let us, however, know that there within the McLaren major changes have taken place and that the business now be approached differently than in the past.

“There are pretty big changes within the team and how things are now tackling how they work for the coming year to address, for example, the development of the car,” said Norris.

“I think she is for the full one hundred percent focus on the fact that what they do is also good, not like in 2018, which maybe was good, and ultimately not as well turned out to be.”

Big question is how much trust Lando Norris has in that process at McLaren? That is what keeps Norris, however, clear on the plain.

“That’s a difficult question, nobody knows it,” said Norris. “The team has good ideas which they work, components that they are trying to improve all things which they say about data to include that is better.”

“Things can always change. Sometimes see something good in the wind tunnel or something but do you get there on the circuit and performs slightly differently than you had expected. However, they have confidence that they are the right changes.”

So wait or McLaren next season, finally a big step forward. The last rijderstitel in 2008 was conquered by Lewis Hamilton, a title in the manufacturers, it is already back to 1998.

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