After Golden Globes is also the race to the Oscars is open

b0cc06a50a3d90774f61c79008ea1187 - After Golden Globes is also the race to the Oscars is open

The red carpet of the Golden Globes was not yet stored, or the Academy opened Monday the nominatiestemmingen, on 22 January is expected.

“Bohemian Rhapsody”, “Green Book”, “Roma”, “A Star Is Born”, “Vice”, “Black Panther”, “BlacKkKlansman”,… most of The winners and even nominees that Sunday awarded were likely to be on 24 February in the running.

“It is safe to assume that many Oscar voters still have a stack of dvd’s on their coffee table have ¿¿wait, and even though they probably already have their favorites views, a Golden Globe win can encourage them to go to an outsider to look before they cast their vote,” according to Alissa Wilkinson, a critic of the news site Vox.

That would be the case, for example for “Bohemian Rhapsody”, a biopic on the life of the Queen, a singer, a popular success that the Golden Globe won for Best Dramatic Film, the vlaggenschipcategorie of the league. Or “Green Book”, which was awarded in the category ‘comedy’.

There is no better marketing strategy for movies like this, that for many weeks on the bill,” confirms Paul Dergarabedian, an analyst for Comscore. But critics and the statistics are unanimous: the Golden Globes will never be a reliable predictor for the most coveted film awards in the world

The big winner of the Golden Globes last year was the american drama “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri”, but “The Shape of Water” went with the Oscar walk. In 2016, the jury chose the Golden Globes for “The Revenant”, rather than Oscar-winner “Spotlight”.

For specialists, especially since the jury of the Globes does not consist of professionals of the cinema: it’s about to a hundred members of the Association of foreign press of Hollywood (HFPA), which is a de facto different perspective on the profession. And who would also be more susceptible to the attentions of the studios, blame their opponents.

At the Oscars they will this year with 7.902 in twenty-four categories to be able to vote. All people from the film industry. The most votes in their own area of expertise (directors for ‘best director’, for example), by a majority of votes. With the exception of the ‘best film’, which, since 2009, is managed by a strange and complex “preferential” voting system with several rounds, in which all colleges participate.

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