Weather reports warn of a polar vortex in Europe

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Last year taught Flanders the polar vortex know when the end of February, temperatures down to minus ten caused. Also this year will be the poolwervel our country may not skip.

British news websites and honk for a few days about the ‘polar vortex’ that parts of Europe and America, in arctic cold will deposit and under the snow can bedelven’. Doemberichten that every winter from popping up, but last week sent the Belgian climate expert Jean-Pascal van Ypersele via Twitter suddenly also a similar message to the world. ‘The vortex splits into three, above the north Pole and from the second half of January in parts of America and Europe to severe winter weather guide, ” she said.

Two weeks

Weatherman David Dehenauw confirms that there are currently something is going on above the north Pole. ‘There is always the poolwervel or polar vortex: an area of low pressure where, at twenty miles altitude, cold winds against the clockwise turning, ” he says.

“Now is that vortex is disturbed by hot air causing the low pressure area a high pressure area and the wind direction turning. Wind from the east, which gradually falls to the earth’s surface. In that way that polar air to hit us. What we experienced last year. But I say can, because it is not certain. It all depends on the position of the high pressure system: something more in the direction of Russia and we get a rather strong wind from the south than the east.’

“What it is, we can, at the earliest, at the end of this or beginning of next week, say because it is for fourteen days it takes for the effect of the distorted vortex translates in a change in the weather. And so far in the future, we have no reliable weather maps. The only thing now certain is that the vortex is disturbed and that something like the chance of winter weather later this month increases.’

Climate change

It is often said that a disruption of the polar vortex has to do with the warming of the climate. ‘But that’s not true, ” says Dehenauw. “It is a phenomenon that is already occurring. Only knew as well as anyone that term to here last year in February, suddenly the stones out of the ground was freezing and the British media, the polar vortex launched to the general public.’

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