Trump: “Shutdown may tomorrow end or even long lasting’

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If the Democrats in the Us parliament the construction of a wall on the Mexican border do not want to approve, wants president Donald Trump, use of exceptional powers which apply in wartime.

Against the wishes of his parliament a wall between the US and Mexico to build, considering the Us president, Donald Trump, to make use of exceptional powers that are only intended for use during a national emergency, such as a foreign attack. According to anonymous sources from the entourage of Trump is this maneuver for weeks in preparation.

Since the mid-term elections of november 6, there is no Republican majority more in the American parliament. That makes it possible for the Republican Trump much harder to get his policies approved. Especially a scheduled miljardenuitgave to a building the wall on the Mexican border, has met with Democratic opposition.

Mexican wall is a promise that dates back to the campaign to have Donald Trump in the 2016 American presidential elections, won. He has long maintained that he Mexico for the costs, it would depend, but it has now a budget in which the costs can be estimated at $ 5.6 billion (or nearly five billion euros).

The chairman of the Parliament, the Democrat Nancy Pelosi, calls the wall ‘an immorality’. Because the Democrats Trumps budget does not want to approve, and Trump is no new budget, and without walls wants to submit, is the U.s. federal government for more than two weeks still. “Everyone plays games,” said Trump when he went to Camp David left. “But I think that the Democrats have a deal to close. This shutdown may tomorrow end up or even very long lasting.’

If there is a ‘national emergency’, for example, when the country is attacked, a president certain beleidsdaden without parliamentary approval. In that way, it wants to Trump his planned wall is still unchanged realize, as a military issue during the state of emergency.

According to legal experts, there is little chance that Trump is actually of exceptional powers to be able to use for his building the wall, because his maneuver not stand would hold up in a court of law.

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