Tourists jam and ski resort closed in Austria

de25a79d7f516fa8cafc84fa336ef9c9 - Tourists jam and ski resort closed in Austria

Closed roads, the re-opening of schools postponed, isolated villages, and an ongoing risk of avalanches. That is the situation in Austria.

Intense snow showers in Austria not only ensure a thick blanket of snow, but also for the necessary winterellende. Since last Wednesday, there is already one and a half metres of snow neergedwarreld in the north and center of the country. In Salzburg is a tapestry of three metres thick at 2.317 m height.

In many valleys in the Austrian Alps is there so in the meantime have a great chance of avalanches. Therefore, movement is impossible. In the Hochkarmassief, in the province of lower austria, the ski resorts Monday closed until further notice.

In Styria, continued Monday, the schools are closed because the children still not in school could get. Some 2,000 people, including many tourists are stuck in villages of the valley Sölktal because there is no more space to.

Three skiers, two Germans, and a Slovenian, are killed when they are of the ski slopes, occasionally ventured. Four other cross-country skiers are missing.

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