Thailand wants refugee Saudi woman to return to family

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The 18-year-old Rahaf Mohammed al-Kunun has themselves locked in an airport hotel in Bangkok, because they were on the flight for her family. Thailand wants her to return to her home country of Saudi Arabia.

Rahaf Mohammed al-Kunun wanted from Kuwait, travel to Australia, where they say that an application wants to submit because she fears for her life. She was, however, detained at the Bangkok airport.

The young woman says that she wants to leave from Saudi Arabia because they are there by the male family members beaten. Some family members could her death have threatened. They fear not only her family, but also the government, because they the islam renounced. They beat on the flight, during a stay with the family in Kuwait.

In order to avoid being sent back, the woman Monday, the access to her hotel room barricaded. ‘I have to leave my room until I got the UNHCR (UN refugee agency) see. I want asylum, ” she says in a video they have on Twitter.

Back to Kuwait

According to the Thai immigration was the woman stopped because they are not the ticket was for a roundtrip. They also had no money in his pocket, and could be no explanation for her stay in Thailand, says Choengron Rimpadee of the migratiepolitie at the Thai airport. ‘The Saudi embassy has told us that at home they run away, ” reads the statement. ‘On the basis of that information we had access to the land permanently.’ Yet according to the Thai immigration they will Monday be returned to Kuwait.

The woman says that her passport was confiscated by a representative of the Saudi embassy in Bangkok. The embassy wanted information, not to deny or confirm. The woman says, moreover, that she was already in the possession of a visa for Australia.

Human Rights Watch calls for the woman to Australia by or to her in Thailand refugee status.

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