Old-seducer ‘Temptation Island’ is for theft from employer

df522b424b2aec40aa18468a0e269c17 - Old-seducer 'Temptation Island' is for theft from employer

The public ministry has Monday eighteen months in prison and 1,600 euro fine advanced for Redwan El Bakkali (31) from Antwerpen. The former seducer of the Four-program ‘Temptation Island’ would more than 46,000 euros stolen from his former employer. El Bakkali denies and asks for the acquittal.

The thirties worked from september 1, 2016 to april 14, 2017 as an assistant shop manager in a clothes shop Jack & Jones at the Meir in Antwerp. When the headquarters in Denmark and found that that store has the highest stocktekort had of all stores in Europe, research was started.

It turned out that El Bakkali between november 23, 2016, 16 February 2017 fewer than 161 purchases cancelled, five times more than the shop manager that is more of service. The garments of those purchases are cancelled, moreover, were from the stock disappeared.

There were two ‘mystery shoppers’ to the store sent. They paid for their purchases, each with a note of 100 euro. Later it turned out that the first purchase was cancelled and that the second not was recorded. The police were brought in, and who met one of the banknotes of 100 euro in the pocket of El Bakkali.

He would be a total of 46.800 euros of his employer’s stolen, but denies that emphatically. According to his lawyer, only a research will be conducted. “The case consists mainly of documents of the civic party, that the police are not critically reviewed were,” said master Xavier Potvin.

El Bakkali, who has already repeatedly been condemned for heavy theft, valsheden and scams, feels targeted. “They didn’t want more with me further, after a newspaper article was published about participants in Temptation Island with a criminal record, which my name also appeared. A few weeks later I was suddenly accused of theft.”

The apparel company is demanding the stolen money back. Judgment on February 4.

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