New fiction on One: Thirty – the joys and sorrows of six friends

5ec65d7e74c62aeb31da71db20bfd199 - New fiction on One: Thirty - the joys and sorrows of six friends

In their thirties is a fiction series about a close-knit group of friends of six thirty-somethings. Pieter, Nora, Tin, Bart, Alex and Saartje are already friends since their student days in Antwerp. The six are struggling with the challenges of their generation, the balance between work and family, and… the secrets of an unresolved trauma that they are inextricably linked, but also from each other threatens to float.

The six thirty-somethings form a cross-section of their generation. They are single, married or divorced, with or without children, in a classic or newly composed family. They are straight or gay, and have a busy social and/or family life.

The have been inseparable friends since their student days, when they worked together on kot were. That is already 15 years ago. In the course of the years things happened. Together they have a lot of obstacles to overcome. Now everyone in the group to mid-thirties, the circle of friends may be at a turning point: there are small and large secrets and tensions to the surface their friendship to the test. They remain friends for life, or the life comes slowly to stand in the way of their friendship?

The characters

Pieter (Yannick De Coster) is a single father who still is looking for himself and, thereby, already lost in his own life. Maybe his new girlfriend Babs for stability.

Nora (Ellen Verest) has Albanian roots and stands at the beginning of a new chapter in her life. She is pregnant. But somehow she seems still not to be able to enjoy as her friend Jeroen.

Bart (Tom Dingenen) and Tin (Evelien Van Hamme) forms as an eternal couple with ups-and-downs, an absolute certainty in the circle of friends. Unless appearances are deceiving?

Alexander (Kristof Goffin) lives together with his partner Elias, and is the listening ear in the group, albeit sometimes reluctantly. Because who can he himself with his own secrets?

Saartje (Kim Van Oncen) is a happy single whose cheerful lifestyle sometimes behaviour appears.

In their thirties is from Monday to Thursday around 22h to view on One or where you are via or Proximus TV app. Click here to download the program. On the TV Replay you watch the program for up to 36 hours later, when you want!

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