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Ledger with a new model: The Nano-X!

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New model in the Ledger family

The French company Ledger made it known today that its flagship product, the world’s best-selling Hardware Wallet “Ledger Nano S” a successor. Even higher level of security, Bluetooth support, built-in rechargeable battery, and the extension of the internal App storage to make the device even better than the predecessor. In addition, will appear at the end of January a mobile Version of the “Ledger Live”Software, with which you can manage in connection with his Smartphone and the Nano-X on-the-go convenient and Safe with his crypto-currencies.

Improved Security

The safety of both Nano-S and Nano-X is ensured by a so-called “Secure Chip” Element, which is also when Connecting to compromised Hardware ensures that the Private Keys never leave the device. According to the company Ledger is the Chip in the Nano-X (ST33) is a lot faster than the Nano’s built-in model (ST31), v. a. to a better and faster Performance.
The actual aspect that is, however, an improvement in the safety, the connection of buttons and Display with the ST33 Secure Element Chip. This lack of connection was in the Nano S is always one of the most frequently mentioned points of criticism with regard to the safety. So a team of scientists at the 35. Chaos Communication Congress in her lecture, “” to flash the Nano’s and to play the well known game “Snake” on it. Since the Private Keys and Apps are stored on the ST31 SE, were never in danger, however, in this Demonstration, left still an uneasy feeling for some users. This bad feeling now belongs to the past, because the whole is not the Nano-X is now possible!


The Bluetooth module in the Nano-X makes it possible to use an encrypted connection between the Wallet and a Smartphone (in conjunction with the Ledger Live Mobile). To be able to use the device on-the-go use, was installed in the Nano-X is a 100 mAh battery that is several hours of use of the device, and even for several months in the Stan-By.

The fear is that a Bluetooth connection is a high safety risk could Eric Larchevêque, CEO of Ledger, in a post on Reddit directly refute:

“The addition of Bluetooth has no influence on the security model. Transactions must always be physically checked on the device by Pressing both buttons. In addition, the screen and the switch are connected to surfaces on the Nano-X directly with the Secure Element (Single-Chip architecture), which also constitutes a further development of the General safety design.“

Eric Larchevêque, CEO of Ledger source:

Finally, more memory

One of the most frequently mentioned points of criticism of the Nano S is the low storage on the Secure Element. This led to a maximum of 4-5 Apps could be installed on the device. For users with a broadly diversified Portfolio, this meant that Apps had to be uninstalled and will reinstall, if you wanted to have access to its various Coins. This, too, is now with the introduction of the Nano-X of the past, because the ST33 to the ST31 more storage space provides, what is a simultaneous Installation of up to 100 Apps make it possible to. This Means that the Nano-X more than 1100 crypto-currencies at the same time supported.

What happens now with the Nano’s?

The Ledger Nano is in addition to the Ledger Nano-X still available at an attractive price. In the course of the market introduction of the Nano-X reduced – Ledger the price of the Nano S from 99.99€ 59.99€.
Since, According to the Ledger , both models have their own advantages and complement each other, the Nano S continues to full Support. You could, for example, use a Ledger Nano-X to manage his crypto-on-the-go, and to let the Ledger Nano-S home or in a vault as a Backup.

The Ledger Nano-X can be now available for 119€ pre-order and will be shipped starting in March.

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