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Ledger presents the successor of the Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallets – Coin Hero

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Ledger presents the successor of the Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallets

Home News, the Ledger, presents the successor of the Ledger Nano S Hardware Wallets

Marcus Misiak –

The Hardware Wallet manufacturer Ledger will bring you a new Version of its Ledger Nano S on the market. The new device, the Ledger Nano-X has Bluetooth and other additional functions. The company presented its latest product at the annual Consumer Electronics Show on Sunday in Las Vegas.

The company presented this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas its latest Version of the popular Hardware Wallets – the Ledger Nano-X. According to PCmag, the new Version of the Ledger Nano supports 13 crypto wärhungen directly and many more through third-party applications.

The new Ledger Nano X also has Bluetooth, which means that the Nano-X can be used with mobile devices. For this purpose, the Ledger, X will use a new mobile App called Ledger Live Mobile. Ledger CEO Eric Larchevêque said:

The fact that we have a mobile application and it works with the Nano-X, is really the great development of the Hardware for this product line.

Visually, it is its predecessor, the Nano S, quite similar, apart from the slightly larger Display. This is intended to facilitate the inputs that need to be made on the device itself, to confirm the transactions. For the execution of transactions on an external computer, device, installed application, moreover, is still required.

Increased Memory

The new Hardware Wallet also offers more storage space for the storage of private keys. The company has introduced a new requirement for the storage of private keys for different tokens. As a Token increase in the crypto insurance, it was necessary that the device supports a variety of Software to interact with different protocols. Therefore, the company has decided to develop individual Apps for different protocols, to facilitate the execution of transactions.

We have a lot of third-party providers, which develop applications. We want to ensure that these applications can only sign transactions with your private key. This also means that a user that uses an App, can’t sign a transaction with the wrong Protocol.

The newly introduced device can store Apps for up to 100 crypto-Assets. This means that the new device has a much larger storage capacity from the Ledger Nano.

It is expected that the Ledger Nano-X can still be this week for $ 119 pre-order, to be delivered in March. The price of the Ledger Nano S will decrease is expected when the new product goes on sale. According to the company Website have been sold to date, more than 1.3 million Ledger.

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