Kim Van Oncen from today in their Thirties

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Starting tonight, you can on One kiken to the new fiction series in their Thirties.
In their thirties is a fiction series about a close-knit group of friends of six thirty-somethings. Pieter, Nora, Tin, Bart, Alex and Saartje are already friends since their student days in Antwerp. The six are struggling with the challenges of their generation, the balance between work and family, and… the secrets of an unresolved trauma that they are inextricably linked, but also from each other threatens to float.

One of the most surprising names in the cast is that of Kim Van Oncen. She is the wife of Niels De Jonck, one of the sons of Sonja Kimpen. We are fortunate that we Kim a few years, but we have her never see acting. As of tonight, is Kim in their Thirties to see if Saartje, a happy single whose cheerful lifestyle sometimes behaviour appears. Saartje is the cheerful, foolish bachelor of the group. She poured herself eagerly on her job as a photographer and at every handsome man that her path crosses. She claims to be happy single, but secretly, on a lost Sunday morning after a heavy night of partying, nibbling sometimes, the lack of a permanent partner.
She is a child of its time. She rents her apartment through Airbnb to make some extra money and then goes on the seat crashing of her best friend, Peter. To the dismay of his new girlfriend, Babs.
Saartje lives at 200 km/h. She certainly is often impulsive and doesn’t look back. Her mother is what is on the sucker. And that does that Saartje realize that life goes quickly and you don’t know what tomorrow will come.

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