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Kevin Spacey pleads innocent in case of sexual violence against a teenager

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Actor Kevin Spacey should stay away from the young man, him accused of sexual abuse. The condition explained to the court on the first zitdag of the process.

The 59-year-old American actor appeared Monday under massive then taken to the court, in Nantucket, an island off the coast of Massachusetts. He had to defend himself in a case of sexual abuse. Spacey would be in July 2016 a young man who, as a clerk in a restaurant in Nantucket worked drunk to have fought and groped. The victim was at the time of the facts 18.

Spacey is ‘shameful aggression’ and ‘physical injury’ shall be paid. Judge Thomas Barrett ordered the actor released under conditions after a short first session. He may ‘not have direct or indirect contact ” with the young man who him accused.

Spacey had his lawyers innocent called and also asked to be allowed to remain of the session. His presence ‘would be the negative publicity around his person still increasing, ” was the argument. But the court went on in.

Spacey, dressed in a dark suit with shirt and tie, nodded silently while his lawyers agreed with the conditions for his release.

Live on tv

The session lasted barely six minutes, but was broadcast live on American television. A large group of reporters was the actor outside the courthouse to wait, but Spacey left the building without speaking to them.

On march 4, the process goes on. Then Spacey is not personally present, but he must be within telephone reach in case there are questions that he must answer.

More than 30 lawsuits

Since the autumn of 2017, there are already more than 30 charges against Spacey received by the court that are all about sexual aggression. As a result of the complaints broke the streaming service Netflix’s contract with Spacey for the success series House of Cards , in which Spacey, the role of the ruthless U.s. president Frank Underwood, played.


Spacey defended himself a few weeks ago in a bizarre video on YouTube in which he seemed to take of Frank Underwood. “I’m going to certainly not pay the price for things that I have not done,” he said in that video. “You would be the worst would not believe if there is no evidence for, isn’t it?’, he asked the observer rhetorically. “You should not judge without to know the facts. Isn’t it?”

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