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John McAfee, “I paid for the last eight years, no taxes”

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The crypto currencies hard controversial is nothing new, and the latest Tweets from JohnMcAffe are just another addition to his questionable Statements. McAfee came in the past because of his Statements time and again in trouble. Now, he called for the Federal tax authority of the United States, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) with the words: “here I am” challenged to take it to the visor, even though it would actually make no normal person. Recently, Congressman Ron Paul said that crypto-Assets by the government should not be taxed or regulated, because they might prevent a recession. Most recently Paul was currencies against Crypto, and referred to them as “the biggest bubble of all.” He also urged the Federal government to “the US Central Bank, seal”, as it would keep interest rates too high. In the Following we will take these two crazy statements more closely.

The IRS and the taxation of crypto currencies

The IRS has clearly stated that investors have to pay on the generated profits from crypto-investments, taxes on capital gains. In February 2018, the IRS Coinbase forced with a court order, the information stored about 13,000 customers. Many were shocked, since they did not pay the scheduled taxes on your crypto Trades, as crypto decentralized and unregulated, it should be. Furthermore, many outraged about the fact that Coinbase has not warned the customer in advance before something like this.

“Catch me if you can!”

McAfee, founder of McAfee Antivirus and has been a pioneer in the field of anti-virus software. To its peak, the assets of McAfee have amounted to more than $ 100 million, the most he should have lost, supposedly during the financial crisis of 2008. McAfee is known for his unpredictable and sometimes crazy behavior, he tweeted in the past that he would run for the office of the President. Shortly after he did this action, but only as a PR Stunt. It means he does advertising for everything, as long as you are advertising him for the price of a Tweet to be paid is, according to its website, 105.000$. As a result, he got in the past, but problems as he had to apologize for the application of an ICO, as this was just a blatant plagiarism of another project. Some say he was just a lazy old man who wants to get through his crazy Promo Stunts for Attention. With his current action he will get this attention in any case. He tweeted that he had paid for eight years, no income tax, and listed in the course of a couple of reasons:

  1. Taxes are, in my opinion, illegal
  2. He had already paid tens of millions of taxes and a “shit”
  3. He deserve no more money
  4. He live of the money of McAfee Inc.
  5. Its net income was negative

The IRS had evidence with these statements of McAfee enough, so they were able to raise an indictment against him. He went aggressively to the IRS. He even went so far that he said: “taxes are theft, they are unconstitutional,” he also explained that the IRS had become influential and intimidate and expressed, “you destroyed us.” McAfee is currencies is a big supporter of Crypto, and predicted the Bitcoin future price of$100,000.

McAfee’s Tweet

“The US Central Bank is bad for the economy”

As mentioned above, called for Congressman Ron Paul, the US government on Cryptocurrencies do not tax. Although he was for a long time even a great critic of them, is to explain this change of heart with his acceptance, that he believes that crypto could prevent currencies of a future recession. He makes the US Central Bank, because of the artificially high interest rates, for the current slowdown in the economy, and calls on the government to close the Central Bank. So, if a Ron Paul, a right-leaning Republican, is working in Washington for crypto-currencies, this can lead to a new Momentum. Added to this is the establishment of a task force for Digital currencies in the state of New York, it is the Mainstream adaptation of closer, seems as if every day a small piece.

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