Jani has his hands full with the mosman

ddfc3c3803bb678a1fe9bc53cdbe9fea - Jani has his hands full with the mosman

Tomorrow drops Jani to Aalter for the third installment of So Man So Woman. The 26-year-old Bert did a urgent call, because his 26-year-old wife Mieke dresses, according to him, far too old: “I have a really sweet female, but if in the morning, I get up and she puts her clothes on, then she looks suddenly 50 years, and needs urgently something to be done!” Bert, at festivals, better known as the ‘Mosman’, is itself also not a great style icon. “Bert always wears large pants, large t-shirts and sweaters. Also at parties he wears the same clothes,” complains Molly. Time to to change. Can Jani, this could not have been more, smoorverliefde couple forever and always immortalize in their style?

Bert would, of course, Mieke like a sexy vamp, but Molly covered herself with a colltrui and a cardigan. “That is good for in a nursing home if you’re cold,” laughs Bert. When Jani the wardrobe of Molly wake up and pull open, everything falls into place: “It is neither fish, nor flesh. You are, in fact, Miss Cardigan.” But Mieke is not Jani’s biggest problem. ‘Mosman’ Bert is the nightmare for every stylist: oversized metal band t-shirts and sweaters and pants with a legerprint, not to mention about the mospak. Bert is already at least 10 years of not shopping, and that is in the Waasland Shopping Center is also painfully obvious: “I thought this would be a very big shop, but multiple shops and you can eat here also … this is a whole revelation for me.”

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