FOUR looking for hondenfluisteraar

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A job interview: a lot of Flemish people to get involved and for many of them it is even one of the most exciting moments from their life. The Application is starting tomorrow – Tuesday 8th January – in the new, second season once again close to the skin of the employers and potential employees. Discreetly drawn up cameras to register the vital conversation and zoom in on the nervousness, the uitschuivers and the gloriemomenten. The viewer follows the candidates, both before, during and after the interview. In each episode, recruit two companies, someone from a group of four strong candidates.

10 seconds. Longer it takes to make a first impression, but fortunately the candidates one hour time for their expertise, talent and passion for the job from the work and their future employer, to convince. The Application will receive a wide range of companies and job seekers in a cosy office space: one of the largest bierproducenten of Belgium that is looking for a promoter to a hairdressing salon that is the perfect hairdresser hopes to tie. Each candidate is young or old, experienced or not – has the same chances on the job. Who explains ultimately the best conversation?

Tomorrow night will find certainly two of the candidates their dream job in the first episode. A passionate hondenfluisteraar should immediately get to work in the Toscanzahoeve in Langdorp-Aarschot at the well-known dierentherapeut Inge Pauwels. And the stylish marketing and communications agency NewWorld Mechelen) is looking for a motivated planning officer.

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